Thursday, August 13, 2009

+ FiziK tiMe

ari nih nk cter sal fizik subjek..ari nih ader byk presentation.. so tajuk2 yg kena present utk kali ni adalah

a) electromagnetic induction
b) alternating current
c) electronics

tajuk utk kumpulan aku electronics . kena bentang sal op-amp dan negative feedback.
ak nk citer sal op-amp nih.

1) op-amp is a differential amplifier which has very high gains.

2) its circuit is composed of alarge number of transistors and resistors. all these components are assmbeled together in the form of an integrated circuit, which is fabricated on a silicon chip.

3) widely used is the 741 op-amp.

4) the amplifier can be used as

a) an inverting amplifier
b) a non-inverting amplifier
c) a voltage comparator
d) an integrator
e) an oscillator.

untuk further reading bleh la check out kat wikipedia